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4/1/06- Hay guyz, I just finished updating my comic with a new style. Wooooooo!

3/12/06- Holy crap! Look! It's an actual comic! I'm rather happy with just finishing it, although the letter cramping issues are a tad annoying. Oh well, huzzah! Oh, and there's a links page too, I do not know how to make things pretty.

12/26/05- Bah, I'm even late for a Christmas comic. Here's another to hold you guys over. If anything, I'll probably post a sketch of the next one. Who knows, it depends on how much I get pestered about it.

8/16/05- Updated with some filler so that my account doesn't get deleted. I'm still working on buttons and stuff. Guess I'll get a Guestbook too, meh.

8/11/05-Well, I finally updated. I also changed some HTML around a bit. Hopefully I'll finish the buttons and such by tomorrow. Who knows, I'm lazy.

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